At Resilient Recovery, we are committed to providing our patients with the best, most cutting-edge therapies and treatments. With that in mind, we also only offer therapies with a proven track record of success, administered by trained professionals. Havening therapy has done wonders for so many of our patients. Havening therapy may be the right treatment for you and your needs. 

Havening Therapy: Creating a Haven 

“Havening” comes from the word “haven.” Essentially, the goal of this therapy is to follow along a process that eventually places your emotional responses somewhere safe, somewhere where you can stop negative emotional responses. 

Here at Resilient, we’ve found that our patients have had great success with havening therapy in terms of overcoming their traumas, anxiety, even PTSD, phobias, and the like. It’s one more way to be able to draw out that inner resilience inside you so that you can take steps towards leading the life that you want. 

The Havening Touch 

A key part of havening therapy is “the havening touch.” The touch can differ from person to person, therapist to therapist. For many, it involves some version of hands stroking over the arms, hands, and even the face of the patient. 

As with all forms of treatment here at Resilient, this is done only with the consent of the patient and always by a trained, experienced professional havening therapist. 

Through this touch, the patient becomes very relaxed. In turn, the brain generates slow delta waves. Then, in this condition, it becomes possible to in essence, “recode” the brain, in terms of trauma, and feelings of discomfort. In time, the patient can recall the trauma. But, it does not elicit the same feelings of “fight or flight,” and so forth. As such, the patient develops a skill that can serve them during their time here at Resilient and beyond. 

Havening: Part of Treatment 

For many, havening therapy is just one part of their treatment here at Resilient. When you or your loved one arrives, our staff will conduct a thorough evaluation. From there, we’ll figure out the right treatment plan for you. There’s resiliency in all of us, a way to improve your life and live how you want. Reach out today to see how we can help.