Do you want to receive treatment for your addiction in a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment? Have you researched one residential treatment facility after another, finding that not only does each blur into the next, but they all feel like “facilities?” We designed Resilient Recovery to be something different. Here, we wanted to create not a “facility,” exactly, but a community. At Resilient, you’ll find residential treatment in a house that feels like home.

Luxurious Living with a “Home” Feeling

While we do everything possible to make Resilient Recovery feel like “home,” it’s important to note that this is a luxury home. Here, we offer the best amenities possible, in terms of rooms, beds, pools, and yards – this is an estate unto itself. On our grounds, you can find a true safe haven, far removed from that which has held you back in your own life. We came up with the name “Resilient Recovery” for many reasons, not the least of which is that everything here is designed to help you to find that resilience inside yourself.

Finest Amenities and the Finest Staff

Resilient Recovery is more than just a luxury estate, however. To make Resilient feel as much like “home” as possible, we hired the best possible staff. That means that we hired those who stood out in their particular fields, of course, but it also meant that we hired those who worked best with people. They help to make our community as welcoming as possible, open to those who need help. Through this, we’re able to help more people than ever to lead the lives that they want.

Join the Resilient Community Today

Reaching out for help with addiction is, in a very real way, perhaps the most challenging task a person will ever take on. As tough as it can be, if you do it, it can be so rewarding. For many here, residential treatment begins after detox. To learn more about how we can help or to take the next step, contact us today.