Have you tried to stop using drugs or alcohol but found it impossible? Or, alternatively, have you watched as someone you love tried to quit and was just unable to do so? There are many, many reasons that it is so difficult to stop abusing toxic substances. Perhaps the most challenging are the symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal isn’t just painful, in many ways, it’s harmful to your health, and actively dangerous. A chemical dependency is exactly that: your body is dependent upon the chemicals, no matter how toxic they may be, thus, even though you need to stop using them your body only knows how to function with them. Here at Resilient Recovery, we can help you to navigate the withdrawal process so that you can start anew. 


Withdrawal Symptoms 


The symptoms of withdrawal differ from person to person. It is natural and even commendable to want to manage withdrawal on your own, to do it by yourself. However, that can be harmful, leading to lasting consequences. For example, should you stop abusing toxic substances for a period of time only to find that you can’t sleep, or you feel extremely irritable, agitated, anxious or worse, you’d be best served by going to a professional detox. 


The above symptoms can be very challenging, but, in many cases, they are withdrawal’s mildest symptoms. Hallucinations, nausea, fevers, seizures and worse could occur. None of those should be managed without professional medical treatment. We watch over everyone at our detox so that they always receive the level of care that keeps them safe throughout detox. 


The Resiliency Inside You 


As challenging as withdrawal and its symptoms can be, we have a proven track record of helping so many to come through it successfully. Then, here at Resilient, so many take the next step of residential treatment, where they can embark upon the journey of recovery. Withdrawal doesn’t have to be faced alone. We can help. Reach out today for more info or to take the next step towards clean, sober, and happy living.